EMEET OfficeCore M3 Conference Speaker Review




Are you looking for a Bluetooth speakerphone with microphone to use in moments where you need to clearly communicate your dieas or have important discussions ot meetings.

If so the EMEET OfficeCore M3 speakerphone is an exceptionally well-designed audio product that that BEST REVIEWS recommend highly.

Main Features

  • M3 kit

    It contains a USB type A, type C charging cable, the product also comes with a zippered carrying case for added protection.

  • Design

    The M3 speaker comes in a small size, the housing is matte balck and mesh well with most office decor, it's professional in appearance. Also, the M3 is design for office use, meetings, classroom instruction and conferences.

  • USB Dongle

    There is a slot at the bottom of the housing to store the USB Dongle when you not using it.

  • Clear Indicator

    A set of LED indicator around the M3 indicate the status of the M3 and the volume current volume. There are total of 10 volume levels.

  • Battery capactiy

    M3 has a powerful 5200amh battery, this battery carries enough charge to the phone for 18hrs and it only take 4hrs to charge.

  • 360° × 5m HD Voice Pickup and Positioning

    4 sensitive omni-directional mics enable up to 5-meter, 360° voice pickup, smart algorithm captures and shows speaker's direction with ring light.


EMEET M3 is an ideal speakerphone for home offices and group meetings that removes background noise and keeps your voice crystal clear. It works for 18 hours on a single charge.

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