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The EMEET Meeting Capsule can take your meetings to the next level! Streaming in 1080p and 360° allows viewers to see the entire room. Check it out!

Main Features

  • 360° Views

    With a 360-degree camera, the whole room is visible, allowing you to capture everyone and everything within the meeting.

  • Plug and Play

    Right type of box is ready to use its plug and play technology, no additional hardware is required.

  • AI Face Tracking

    The camera will detect who is talking with and focus on who is speaking, then zoom in on them automatically.

  • 8 omnidirectional microphones

    Give the meeting capture the ability to pick up voices in any direction.

  • Noise Reduction

    With the VoiceIA® noise reduction algorithm, the camera disturbs background noise and efficiently filters them out.

  • 5 Five Video Modes

    Offering five video modes for different scenarios. The EMEET Meeting Capsule has it covered from the whole room to just an individual. There is a mode for everyone's needs.

  • Bluetooth Remote Controller

    The remote controller can choose from 5 video modes. It also has some other nice features, such as adjusting the display after zooming in and a one touch privacy button to instantly stop both video and audio.


EMEET Meeting Capsule

EMEET Meeting Capsule is a 360° conference camera that offers face-to-face quality experience for group-to-group(one) remote meetings.

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