EMEET Luna Wireless Speakerphone Review: Crystal-Clear Clarity


We’ve all been in voice or video meetings where somebody’s microphone sounds terrible, or the speaker’s fuzzy and you miss a critical piece of information during the meeting. That’s why I was excited to try out the EMEET Luna Wireless Speakerphone. Not only was I hoping for better sound quality, but I was eager to test out the AI noise reduction so no one could hear my TV playing in the background.

Overview of Featuresscription

For the compact size, the EMEET Luna packs a lot of useful features without anything you don’t need. It’s designed for smaller meetings with up to eight people, though you can daisy chain two speakers together for around twelve people per meeting in the same room. The daisy chain capability is new for the Luna model.

To make it easier to connect, it’s not only Bluetooth compatible, but you can connect it directly to your device using the provided USB cable and auxiliary cable. If you can’t use Bluetooth for some reason, other options are available.

The speaker is fully wireless, though, when you need it to be. It charges via the provided USB cable in three to four hours.

Another great feature, and my personal favorite, is the AI noise reduction. It’s designed to effectively block out surrounding noise so that people on the other end of your meeting hear you and not the coffee shop you’re in or the TV or radio playing behind your computer.

A few other notable features include:

  • Universal compatibility with most meeting software (I personally tested a simple group voice meeting, Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype)
  • Compatibility with Windows 7 and up and Mac OS, along with Android and iOS
  • 80 dB volume (increased from previous models)
  • VoiceIA technology for better voice pickup and noise reduction
  • 360-degree voice pickup with three included microphones

Getting Started

I’ll be honest, you don’t even really need to read the instructions to get started. But, I wanted to make sure I fully understand everything the EMEET Luna Wireless Speakerphone has to offer. Plus, there’s a handy guide to what all the lights mean inside in the instruction manual, so that’s definitely worth checking out.

Mine came almost fully charged, so I was ready to use it out of the box. I started with the Bluetooth connection, which happened quickly and easily. Pairing was as simple as holding the Bluetooth button on the speaker itself for a few seconds.

I used the included Bluetooth dongle, but it actually connected to my Windows 10 PC without it, too. I also had no problem getting my system to recognize the speaker when connecting it with the AUX cable.

There’s no complicated setup or software to install. If for some reason, the EMEET Luna isn’t set as your current speaker and mic when connected, you may need to manually change your speaker/mic in your system or meeting software settings.

My EMEET Luna Experience

After a few tests to make sure the other connectivity methods worked, I stuck with Bluetooth for the rest of the test. I’ve had other Bluetooth speakers cut in and out before, so I wanted to really see how well this one performed.

All the buttons are marked clearly and easy to use. You can answer and end calls, change the volume, mute the mics, turn noise reduction on/off, connect/disconnect Bluetooth, and power the device on/off.

My first meeting was a Skype video call. I didn’t let the other party know I was using a new microphone, but they noticed the difference immediately. Their first question was “Why can I hear you so much clearer?” Of course, the experience on my end felt the same.

I could hear the other party almost as clearly as if they were in the room with me. There wasn’t any delay or echoes.

Even better, when I switched on the noise reduction using the button on the speaker, I was free to type and shuffle papers without anyone else hearing it. The speaker only picked up my voice. I even shuffled papers an inch from the speaker and the other person couldn’t hear it – just my voice.

One thing I love is the built-in Bluetooth dongle holder on the back of the speaker. This makes it easy to keep the dongle with you if you’re taking the speaker on the go. Plus, it makes packing it in a bag much easier.

Another plus is the anti-slip grips on the bottom. You’re not going to easily knock this off your desk.

Meeting with a Group

Thanks to social distancing, I only had a few people come to my home office to help me test out the EMEET Luna Wireless Speakerphone. We all sat around my kitchen table with the speaker centered between us. We were easily three feet or more away from the speaker, and people on the other end of the call could hear us clearly.

I even got up and moved around, but my voice never sounded faded. I had to completely leave the room and close the door before the mic stopped picking up my voice.

Final Thoughts

The EMEET Luna has some of the clearest call quality I’ve experienced in a wireless speakerphone at this price point and in some that cost much more. The noise reduction feature makes it a must-have if you’re going to be in a noisy environment or just want to shut out something as simple as the sounds of your keyboard clacking while you’re taking notes.

The only complaint I can find isn’t all that bad. Charging can take up to four hours, which could be an inconvenience if it runs down after a meeting, but you have another quickly after.

It’s ideal for small and/or remote meetings and remote learning. Plus, if you need to move around, your voice doesn’t fade in and out.

This is a speakerphone I’ll be using for all my meetings. The sound quality really is that good.

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