Spotlight On EMEET C990 USB Webcam: Perfect Portability For On The Go Conferencing

Author:Eileen Brown

I was interested to see the latest webcam coming out of the EMEET stable and to see what improvements have been made to deliver the EMEET C990 USB webcam.

I looked at the EMEET Jupiter webcam in September 2021, and, on the surface, the EMEET C990 looks incredibly similar to the Jupiter webcam.

The dimensions of the C990 are the same as the Jupiter at 85 x 55 x 60mm and the C990 looks almost identical to the Jupiter too. Both cameras come with a lens cap for privacy and protecting the lens, and both have a speaker grille on the top.

The only difference I can see between the two cameras is that the EMEET C990 lens is silver and the Jupiter is black.

But inside, the C990 does have an upgrade. This webcam is a 1080px 60FPS webcam and there is a new light sensor and lens, which is designed to deliver a better meeting experience than the 30fps EMEET Jupiter camera.

The C990 has four microphone arrays and a 3W speaker, which, when I tested it, was more than adequate to deliver spoken voice to a large meeting room during a web conference. This means you do not need to carry other microphones and speakers around.

To get the best out of the EMEET C990 download the EMEETLINK software on your desktop and plug the USB Type-C cable into your device. You do need to use a fast USB cable (which has a blue end) to power the C990 webcam.

80 degrees field of view

Once the C990 has been plugged in, take off the lens cap and adjust the angle of the webcam. This is a simple camera that needs little fiddling around to get a good image.

Zoomed in to 60 degrees field of view

Using the EMEETLINK software you can adjust the camera from 60 to 96 degrees field of view to zoom in manually to make sure you get the entire group into the meeting view. Unlike the Jupiter, there is no auto adjustment in the field of view or zoom.

Other adjustments in the EMEETLINK software video settings include brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation, and white balance. You can also flip the image horizontally and vertically depending on where you mount the camera. Images are clear and the sound is excellent for this pocket-sized webcam.

There is a screw hole to mount the camera on a tripod and an adjustable foot to change the angle of the camera.

The EMEET C990 USB webcam is a simple webcam that, for under $100 delivers a great 60fps video experience. It is worth adding to your work backpack if you need to quickly set up a hybrid meeting when you are out and about and deliver a good conferencing experience to your remote viewers.

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